Clan Policy


I. Attitude toward others

1. Duly respect to all members
2. Duly respect to other players in the game
3. avoid provoke on in game fightings/ trashtalking
4. Be friendly as much as possible
5. PK is allowed, but avoid backstabs

II. Clan Chats

1. Bad words are not allowed
2. Avoid Chat flooding
3. Do not use Capitalization, only allowed on emphasis
4. Acts of immorality is not allowed
5. trashtalk w/in the clan chat are not allowed
6. Never beg for in game items and yuan in clan chat

II. Clan Management

1. Any decision made by officers are final, duly respect must be given
2. Never do anything that could put shame and disgrace on clans name
3. boss quest are done on 6-9 PM everday, if someone is willing to help, its alllowed
4. Dusk hunting and mats hunting, if a member needs the mats and she/he did not get it, PT member must give at least 1 to the member who needed it
5. Wines for cave tokens should be charged on Questor
6. Level requirement 50 for not ONer, for ONers and friends IRL level 1
8. inactive players will be automatically kick-out.

IV. Territorial wars

1. All officers are required to contribute for the Clan fund for Bidding every thursdays. members also are allowed to contribute to those who are willing.
2. During TW's nobody should speak except the appointed Tactician
3. Obey and follow the orders of Tactician every TW
4. An apponted tactician must plan on what to do on TW
5. As much as possible use amulets and heirograms
6. avoid trash talk w/in the TW

V. Other concerns

1. Members must play at leat 2-3 days a week
2. Anyone who wishes to leave the faction is allowed

~~Punishment awaits on those who does not obey~~

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